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Youth Mobility Scheme Visa

The Youth Mobility Scheme visa allows migrants aged between 18 to 30 to come to the UK for a period of up to 24 months. Only nationals of participating countries and territories can apply, and a full list can be found on the UK government website.

At WH Solicitors we offer a fast, friendly, and reliable service for young people who wish to come to the UK for work and study. Our experienced team helps clients to successfully navigate the complex UK immigration system, giving them the best chance of getting their visa application approved.

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Youth Mobility Scheme – Participating Countries and Territories

The Youth Mobility Scheme visa is only available to those that are 18 to 30 years old and a national of one of the following:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan
  • Monaco
  • New Zealand
  • Republic of Korea
  • San Marino
  • Taiwan

Applications are also open to British overseas citizens, British overseas territories citizens, and those with British national (overseas) status.


Youth Mobility Scheme visa – Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for a Youth Mobility Scheme visa applicants must:

  • have enough in savings to support yourself when you arrive in the country;
  • prove you can travel, and show travel history for the past 5 years;
  • provide tuberculosis test results if you are migrating from a country listed in the Immigration Rules.

Applicants must also not fall for refusal under the general grounds for refusal. These are factors that the Home Office consider as signs of poor character, and include past prison sentences, association with known criminals, and immigration offences amongst other things.

You cannot apply for a Youth Mobility Scheme if you:

  • have children who live with you or you are financially responsible for; or
  • are already in the UK under the Youth Mobility scheme or the former ‘working holidaymaker’ category.


The Points-Based Criteria

The Youth Mobility Scheme visa uses the UK’s points-based immigration system to apply the above eligibility criteria. For a successful application, applicants to this visa category must score 50 points from the following criteria:

  • Up to 30 points for meeting the nationality requirements;
  • up to 10 points for meeting the age requirement; and
  • up to 10 points for having the necessary funds to maintain themselves on arrival in the UK.

There is no requirement for Youth Mobility Scheme visa applicants to display knowledge and proficiency with the English language.  Applicants for visas in this category must still pay the UK’s Healthcare Surcharge.


Youth Mobility Scheme Visa Conditions

Applicants that are approved for a Youth Mobility Scheme visa can:

  • study (for some courses an Academic Technology Approval Scheme certificate will be required);
  • work in most jobs;
  • be self-employed or set up a business provided that their premises are rented, any equipment is not worth more than £5,000, and they do not have employees.

Youth Mobility Scheme visa holders cannot:

  • work as a professional sportsperson (see the Temporary Worker – Creative and Sporting visa);
  • extend their stay;
  • access public funds;
  • bring family members with them (as they must apply separately).


How We Can Help

At WH Solicitors, we are experts in our field with years of experience in applying for UK visas across all categories.

Our fast and reliable service helps our clients to navigate the complex UK immigration system, giving them the strongest chance of success. Working closely with you, we will listen to your needs and goals, supporting your application and guiding you through the entire process.

For more information, help, and support, contact our team today by calling (+44) 01483 608 786 or by emailing contact@whsolicitors.co.uk.

Youth Mobility Scheme visa


The Youth Mobility Scheme visa has replaced the former Working Holidaymaker visa route, and applies a similar set of criteria and conditions.

Yes – you can live and work full time in most roles with a Youth Mobility Scheme visa.

A Youth Mobility Scheme visa will usually be issued for a maximum of up to 24 months. You cannot apply to extend your stay under this visa category.

No – you cannot apply for a Youth Mobility Scheme if you have children who live with you or you are financially responsible for. Any partner or family member who wishes to come to the UK must apply separately.

The contents of this webpage are provided for informational purposes only and are not intended to constitute legal advice. All information is correct as of the date of publication, and any individual or organisation should be careful to seek qualified advice from a specialist immigration lawyer before acting on any of the topics referenced by this content.

Youth Mobility Scheme visa



This Immigration category enables young individuals from participating countries and territories to apply to live and work temporarily in the UK.


Our Fees

Our fees cover all work* required to submit an Application to the Home Office at a fixed fee between £1,000.00 – £1,500.00.

No VAT is charged or payable for Entry Clearance Applications.

If an Extension Application and the Applicant is an UK resident, VAT shall be chargeable at the current rate of 20%.



Disbursements are costs related to your matter that are payable to third parties, such as visa fees. We handle the payment of the disbursements on your behalf to ensure a smoother process.

The likely disbursements are:

Application Fees:

  • Home Office’s Entry Clearance Fee: £244.00
  • NHS Immigration Healthcare Surcharge: £470.00 per year
  • Biometric Enrolment Fee: £19.20
  • UKVCAS Fees: Depends on the Application Centre, can range between £0.00 – £200.00

Up to date fees can be found at: UK visa fees – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)


What services are included

The work will involve:

  • File opening/Archiving;
  • All correspondences, emails, routine letters, telephone/video calls and meetings;
  • All inherent Administrative works;
  • Continuously assessing and advising the case;
  • Preparation of the Application Form;
  • Submission of the Application Form;
  • Advising on Dependants and the associated works and fees;
  • Providing a Checklist of required supporting/evidential documents;
  • Facilitating with ascertaining the supporting/evidential documents;
  • Where possible, providing Templates of how the supporting documents should appear to be in compliant with the Immigration provisions;
  • Preparing a comprehensive and legally orientated Cover Letter & Submissions, which shall include comprehensive Factual and Legal Submissions;
  • Arranging Application Appointment;
  • Liaising with UKVI until a decision is reached;
  • Discussing your circumstances in detail and confirming whether this is the most appropriate application for you to make and what other options may be available to you;
  • Providing advice about the requirements of the Immigration Rules and whether you meet the criteria;
  • If you do not fulfil a certain criterion, whether this can be overcome and how.
  • Considering the supporting evidence, you have provided;
  • Where necessary, helping you obtain further evidence;
  • Providing advice regarding the outcome of the Application and any next steps.

*Our fee assumes that:

  • This a new Application and no previous Applications had been made to the Home Office or refusals received.
  • This is a standard case and the matter is concluded in a timely manner and no unforeseen complication arise.

*The costs quoted here do not include:

  • If your matter becomes overly complex and more work is required in order to prepare and submit an Application.
  • We will advise you if further work is required and the increase in our charges.
  • Where the Home Office refuse your Application, advice and assistance in relation to any Administrative Review and Appeal process.


Processing time

We will normally be able to submit this type of Application within 4 weeks of you instructing us. However, we will let you know at the earliest opportunity if it is likely to take longer than this.

We cannot guarantee how long the Home Office will take to process your Application, but you should get a decision within 3 weeks of attending your appointment at the visa application centre.

Please see the link for up to date timescales for Entry Clearance Applications: Visa decision waiting times: applications outside the UK – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)