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Asylum seekers and the Home Office use the term' fresh claim' to mean different things. So, what is the definition of a fresh claim? A fresh claim is an opportunity to offer new evidence to the Home

You can claim asylum when you are in the UK if you are in danger in your country of origin or residence. It is not possible to claim asylum from outside the UK, and there is no

Remote Working in the UK? Do You Need a Visa? Technological advancement and a global pandemic have revolutionised how and where people work. Working in different locations is now possible for employed people and those freelancing and

The Representative of an Overseas Newspaper, News agency, or Broadcasting Organisation visa scheme allows for the employees of media organisations to be posted to the UK on long-term assignments. It’s a convenient visa route for journalists and

The UK’s Sole Representative visa scheme makes it possible to come to the UK to establish a branch or subsidiary business for your overseas employer. It offers a way for foreign businesses to kickstart their investment and

If you work for a foreign organisation with plans to set up a new branch, or are an employee of a news media company, you may be eligible to apply to come to the UK as a

The UK Ancestry visa scheme is designed to provide Commonwealth citizens who are the close descendants of UK nationals to live and work in the UK. Many individuals living in New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, India, and

Points-Based Immigration System: What It Means For UK Employers And Migrants From 1st January 2021, the UK will be subject to a new points-based immigration system. Marking the effective end of free movement with the EU. The

The United Kingdom formally left the European Union at 2300 GMT on 31st January 2020, with a transition period lasting until 2300 GMT on 31st December 2020. As this period draws closer to its end, so too

As part of their purported commitment to the NHS, the British government has announced a new visa scheme tailored specifically for the health and care industry. With applications having opened from 4 August 2020 there is still